We are not typical wedding DJs and our services aren’t for every wedding couple… unless you’re a couple that wants to have the best wedding ever!! Dancin’ Shoes DJ & Lighting provides peace of mind to clients that understand the importance of an amazing DJ/MC/entertainer to manage your reception, inform your guests, rock the dance party and put out any fires that arise. We are festival and club-experienced DJs, each of us with hundreds of weddings under our belts. We are lighting designers that transform a space into an intimate and exciting experience that matches your style. On the day of your wedding, we are the face of your reception.

We enjoy celebrating with you and it shows. Our enthusiasm, our focus under pressure, our positive energy as we interact with your guests and vendors. This isn’t just a business focused on numbers… these are moments captured forever. The right or wrong DJ and Lighting team can make or break your big day… the day you’ve spent years planning and a lifetime imagining. At Dancin’ Shoes we have the skills, experience and passion to make sure your wedding runs smoothly, looks gorgeous and most importantly, is a ton of fun. That’s ultimately what people remember, how much fun they had. So don’t leave your big day in the hands of a typical wedding DJ. Hire Dancin’ Shoes DJ & Lighting and feel confident that your wedding will stand out among the rest for all of the right reasons.

We will mashup your favorite songs, blend in your obscure childhood favorites and still make time for your grandparents’ wedding song for a romantic slow dance. We take your song requests and craft them into a versatile, live DJ set that’s never cookie cutter or contrived. Use our expertise to help you select songs, create a wedding schedule and customize your venue with creative lighting to create a striking atmosphere. Something on Pinterest caught your eye? Let’s make it happen!

As your DJ we will mashup the newest hits and your favorite oldies
As your MC we will keep your guests smiling and your party on schedule
As your Lighting Designer we will create a tailored look that you and your guests will never forget
As your Event Coordinator we’ll work with you and your vendors to orchestrate an unforgettable night

“Nobody ‘rocks a party’ like Dancin’ Shoes!”