Wedding Lighting Ideas – Overhead Bistro Lighting, AKA Market Lighting

If you’re looking for a great way to illuminate your outdoor wedding or special event, globe string lights are one of the best options. Overhead bistro lighting provides a romantic and nostalgic ambience that is perfect for wedding receptions, special events, theme parties and more. Soft yet vibrant, elegant yet colloquial. Bistro lighting is a top-choice for any special event.Ranch style overhead string lighting

Market lighting isn’t limited to overhead strings either. Check out this picture of vertical hanging globe lights providing the perfect setting for a charming picture of the bride and groom.

Vertical hanging string lighting

Lighten your spirits and add some summer fun to your special event with inviting bistro lighting.

Villa bistro lighting

Paper lanterns add a festive vibe and are also available upon request.

Overhead bistro lighting

Is your wedding reception indoors but you still want the romantic vibes of overhead market lighting? No problem! We utilize discreet, 12′ pipe stands that are covered in white or black fabric to look as elegant as the rest of your venue while providing the classy market lighting you imagined. Here’s a first dance featuring indoor bistro lighting.

First dance with bistro lightingContact us now to start working on the lighting decor that fits your vision!

~ Dancin’ Shoes DJ & Lighting

Colorado’s DJ and Lighting Team


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